Eco chic, Disney style

Watching Snow White and the Huntsman got me thinking back to my fairytales. Before hipsters and hippies, the original eco-chic chick was the all singling and dancing, nature lovin’ Snow White. Yes, she talked to animals (and they tweeted back, in 140 characters of less), and lived a peaceful, harmonious life in the safeness of the forest.


Snow White inspiration board for the 21st century:

mosaice0e3b3fad98c5b52d647d558ec2256e2b0465509From top left:

1. Re-use, recycle – vintage mirrors from gumtree

2. Explore the woods – you might even stumble upon the seven dwarfs! There are so many amazing national parks and bushwalks on our doorstep, I don’t get out there as much as I would like but there are no excuses when bushwalks are closer than supermarkets (amazingly true for me!) Bora Tent from Kathmandu.

3. Go apple picking! You want to make sure your apples aren’t poisoned by some old witch (and unwanted pesticides). Shields Orchard is a small family based orchard in the Hawkesberry region. Apple picking starts around the end of the first week in February

4. Love the animals. I often think of birds as unwanted pests since our strawberry patch is essentially a bird feeder when I forget to replace the netting. But I guess birds can be friends too. Perhaps I’ll hang up a bird feeder on the other side of the courtyard and see if this gets them in the habit of going there for a feed instead of my fruits! This beautiful bird feeder is from Hipcycle, but I might just make one out of an old soda bottle

5. Go green on housing & cleaning products with solar panels & natural cleaning products. I’m pretty sure Snow herself would approve of home made cleaners based around vinegar & bicarb. Sometimes simplest is best.

6. Grow veggies & fruits to surround yourself with lots of yummy produce on your doorstep. I’m sure we’ve all got that one covered 🙂

snow_white_imageIn true Disney style…..

THE END (of this post, not the blog!)


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