Roast dinner harvest

Although I”m trying to plan what I cook around what I harvest, it’s often the reverse, where my tummy tells me what it feels like eating and I see if anything suitable is ready for the picking! Here’s what I harvest when I decide its time for a roast dinner!

Baby onions. Wash, peel, salt and chuck onto the roasting tray. The juices soak right through and the sweetness of the onions makes it delish.


Beets: I break the stems and roots off, wrap in foil and again just chuck onto the roasting tray. Once they are roasted I let them cool and peel the skin off – much easier and less staining than peeling before baking!


Of course my herb garden gets a good workout for any roast. A steady supply of thyme and rosemary quite possibly the best investment ever


Green beans steamed as a side and served with butter and salt – yum! The cucumber is a bit out of place here, but great for my peeled roast chicken sandwich the next day 🙂


I would love it if I had some pumpkins or sweet potatoes but I just don’t have the space for it in my small courtyard backyard…unless I start planting in the nature strip outside our place….hmmm now that’s an idea! I wonder if I can get our neighbours to agree 😉

Also, I probably should have taken a pic of the roast chook and final dinner but it just did not last long enough to photograph. I can tell you it was delish, and so were my chicken, mayo and cucumber sandwiches for lunch the day after 🙂


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