Heatwave in Sydney!

Everyone’s facebook status updates yesterday seemed to be focussed on the weather. And rightly so – 45 degrees in some parts of Sydney, and although I’m not quite sure the north shore reached that exact high it sure felt like walking through a furnace. Perhaps most worrying was that the 35+ temperature was sustained for the most part of the day, only fading to more comfortable levels around 8pm. For once I was happy to be in my little aircon bubble of work 🙂 However, my mind was definitely wondering to my garden all day in the hope it would resemble some similarities to what I had left in the morning!

Here’s what I came home to:

Dried wild rocket sproutings


A thirsty looking sunflower:


Powdery mildew on my cucumber leaves (I think this may be from all my night-watering over the past few weeks, and the fact everything is so densely planted). Any tips in dealing with the mildew? I’ve sprayed a diluted milk concoction on them. It’s only a few leaves at the moment but I really want to prevent spreading since my very productive beans crop is its neighbour.


And some good news too!

Chives & parsley in early growth phases still going strong (had thought these would be goners):



Tomatoes turning red:


And good progress on the corn:


We survived! Next time (hopefully there won’t be one), I’ll be prepared and will get some shade cloths up quick smart.


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