Crop & swap with your local cafe

So many things I adore about this article*. Community. Sustainability. Backyard produce. Sharing. Coffee. Generosity. Seasonal food(!) All the things that give me warm and fuzzy feelings in my heart.

The article describes a new (or perhaps age old) phenomena of “crop & swap” ie exchanging excess backyard produce in local eateries and cafes for a meal, a coffee and sometimes just the knowledge that your excess produce will not go to waste.

I have never been to any of the listed “community harvesting” cafes, but they are now high on my list and if I get myself organised, perhaps a review may even appear on my blog. What a great excuse to have a lazy brunch at a new cafe!

I would love to see my local cafe and those around encouraging local backyard produce. Then I’ll just have to work out how to more efficiently use my garden so I can produce overs! I am in awe of urban gardeners who do produce above what they can consume, as this is definitely not the case for me (and we are a family of 2).

Would be keen to hear if anyone has approached their local cafe doing something like this. Inspire me!

And so this post has a pic, here are our tiny cucumbers just beginning to form…

flower 0

*”Swapping herbs for lattes in the new suburban good life: Local green thumbs are enjoying coffee, breakfast and even the occasional dinner as they trade their crops with savvy café owners.” Justine Costigan,


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