TGIF curry leaves

It’s hard to go back to work after a super relaxing Christmas holiday, but it helps when you walk home from work on a Friday afternoon and pass a kind neighbour’s herb pots which offer you to “Pick on your way home”. The large barrels are dug into the nature strip outside their home and filled with goodies which change seasonally and are always looking juicy. Truly an inspiration for dinner ideas and also for community living! Tonight I scored some curry leaves and chilli so guess what’s for dinner this Friday night 🙂

cammeray 1

cammeray 2

Ripe chillis waiting just for me! A different (much larger) variety than what I grow, I wonder what the spice factor will be…

cammeray 3

And of course the all important curry leaves. One very happy me. Thank you kind herb gardener for so often making my day!

cammeray 4


2 responses to “TGIF curry leaves

  1. What I great idea! I really like this – I think i might put some tubs outside my house later in the season and see what happens.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Liz! Yes, I love the idea, and it’s such a great way to meet all the neighbours. Imagine if every house had a fruit tree or herb graden out the front – that’s my suburban dream 🙂

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