First 2013 harvest day

Most of the time I’m pulling things out of the ground because I’ve forgotten some key ingredient whilst sweating over the stove and I run out to the patch to see if I can find something mature enough to substitute it. This year I’m trying to plan more and intentionally harvest, with meals plans around the veggies ready for the week (ambitious much?!) Let’s see how we go. This week we have:

Leeks: It’s been a challenge keeping these leeks in for as long as they have been (6 months!) and not seeing much progress over that time. I’ve finally pulled them out to make way for other summer yumminness and they’ll go into a chicken and leek pasta bake


Beets: Roasted beetroot, feta and spinach leaf salad already made and ready to eat tonight. Lots more beets in the garden so will have to get creative with the recipes. Any suggestions?




Chilli: most of this will be snaplocked and kept for future use. There’s still handfuls of chillis on my trees. I’ll wait for them to dry out a bit and make some sambal paste.


The strawberries which were still around for photographing. Lots more disappeared mysteriously from the garden to the kitchen. I may have been involved in that šŸ˜‰


First beans!Ā I amĀ keen as beans. Truly! I’ll steam these and dress with lemon and salt for a tasty and healthy side dish.



One response to “First 2013 harvest day

  1. I get too annoyed with leeks to grow them anymore – they just don’t do anything do they? They do taste great when you harvest them but I find there’s never enough of them and I always want more…

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