Rabbit proof fence

We’re bunny-sitting this Christmas and it’s been both enjoyable and enlightening. Our bunny for the holidays is midnight black, lop-eared and incredibly loveable. That is, until he started chomping down the garden! A whole crop of beans were obliterated as I turned my back. He is speedy I have to give him that! He’s also a classy bunny with gourmet tastebuds 😉 I can’t help but recall the Peter Rabbit tales…and now have some sympathy for the poor farmer!


So that we can love him and keep our greens in place here is our little contraption for the veggie patch, which also works wonders against possums and birds. Rabbit and possums dislike the softness of the netting as they can’t place their whole weight on it – it’s too unstable. I water the patch with the netting on, and take it off once a week to weed, harvest and do a general inspection.

rabbit 2

Easy, quick and budget friendly and best of all no tools needed!

What you need:

  • Bricks/large rocks
  • Bird netting (I bought a 5m x 10m roll from ebay for $30)
  • PVC plastic pipes ($12 for 4 skinny PVC pipes from Bunnings)

Steps to set up:

  1. Stick bendy PVC pipes in your patch (no digging required, but push them down so the soil is holding them firmly)
  2. Cut the bird netting to size, make sure you account for height and generous extras on each side
  3. Place bricks around the base of the netting to hold down
  4. Voila! You’re rabbit, bird and possum proof!

Initially I criss-crossed my PVC pipes, but found that this was too restrictive (height –wise) on the sides, so have gone with parallel pipes instead.

Now off to play with my holiday bunny!


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