Kiama Produce Market 22 Dec

A pre-Christmas getaway to Jervis Bay led to a fortuitous rest stop at Kiama where lo & behold the Kiama Produce Market was in full swing! A surprise that certainly put me in a Christmas mood!

After eyeing some of this beautiful garlic (and thinking of my poor garlic bulb), I stocked up on mouthwatering jams, pickles and honey. What really made me go nuts though was the stall called “Patio Plants” where you pick and mix seedlings – 6 or 8 for $4.50. The price varied depending which side of the shop you picked from – the lettuce varieties, cucumber, celery, fennel, kale etc being 8 seedlings for $4.50, while the capsicums, leeks, beetroots herbs and flowers (there were lots more!) being 6 for $4.50.

Kiama 7

I only purchased one seedling box of brocolini, fennel and lettuce varieties (much restraint) since  I wasn’t confident they would survive a week in Jervis (not to mention the transportation there and back). I could easily have filled 5 to 6 punnets and not tried all the varieties on offer. Not surprisingly one of the busiest stalls of the day!

Kiama 6

Kiama 5

Kiama 1

Best of all was pick ‘n’ mixing with this beautiful view as a backdrop

Kiama 3

My mini haul:

South Coast Nsw Upper-20121222-00013

Patio Plants can be located at:

1st Sat: Cobbity Village Market, Cobbity (Mar – Dec)

1st Sat: Berry Market, Berry (not in Feb)

2nd Sat: Bowral Farmers Market, Bowral

2nd Sat: Hawkesberry Harvest Farmers and Gourmet Food Market, Castle Hill

2nd Sun: Blakcheath Growers Market, Blackheath

3rd Sat: Mittagong Market, Mittagong

3rd Sun: Kiama Craft Market, Kiama

4th Sat: Camden Produce Market, Camden

4th Sat: Kiama Produce Market, Kiama

Fortnightly Fridays: Crown Street Mall, Wollongong

And on a side note, if you do pass through Kiama, make sure you push on to Berry (only another 20 mins) for the Famous Berry Donut Van!

PS. Yes, they did survive and are now lovingly planted in my patch.


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