What’s growing?

The reality of living close to the city is that there ain’t a lot of backyard space. In fact, it’s probably a bit generous to call our courtyard a ‘backyard’! It means I have to really want to try growing something in order to grant it space in one of my raised beds. Here’s a bit of a tour of what’s happening at the moment:

It’s strawberry time again! This time I’ve properly protected my crop with a contraption of stakes and birdnetting so I can actually enjoy some fruits (hopefully):


I’m using every cm of dirt I can find. Here’s a new nook I’ve cleared around the edge of our courtyard which is probably overcrowded with seedlings for sunflowers, green beans, cucumber and marigolds. Oh and a few lettuce leaves. I did try to improve the soil quality with some compost and have been quite vigilant on the seaweed solution, so fingers crossed and let’s see how they go…


Corn! And some more sunflowers in the background


And beets! I think these are almost ready for harvest. I’ve lost count of the weeks but I’ve goat some goats cheese in the fridge and I’m thinking a beetroot salad is calling my name…;)


Onion seeds I planted at the same time as the beetroot but it seems like they might need a bit more time to get nice and plump


And just because it made me smile seeing this little guy pop up in the patch here’s a pic for you!



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