I’ve a glut of celery. I can’t eat it fast enough, and in the small space that I have to work with, this is becoming a real issue! The more I harvest, the more it seems to grow back with a vengeance. I have about 5 bunches of fat juicy celery stems like the below:

photo (19)

Mainly I use my celery in stocks, fresh juices, to make ‘ants on a log’ (yes I’m an adult!) and lately in stir fries and lasagne (can you tell I’m desperate for ways to work out what to do with it all?)

I’ve learnt that celery:

  • Is always hungry for water & nutrients
  • Has very strong and deep roots (plant at least with 25cm distance between bunches)
  • Is a strong grower in both hot and cold weather
  • Grows back whether you pluck stem by stem or cut all the stalks off (ie just leaving the roots in)
  • Wants both sun and shade. If there is no shade the leaves and stems will quite quickly wilt.
  • Has fibres that get tougher and coarser the thicker the stem is – I have recently read about this blanching technique. However as most of my celery is cooked, the fibres soften by the time I’m eating it.

Check out these mega roots:


How do you use celery, and what do you do when the stems become too coarse and tough to eat?


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