Oh sugar! Sugar snap peas: growing pains & gains

I started growing these beauties from seeds straight from the packet. They shot up quickly, germinating in 3-4 days in seedling trays with seedling soil – I could barely contain my delight! After a few weeks I replanted and thinned them out in the larger patch.

At the time I was quite proud of myself for a) growing something from seeds, b) having planned ahead to create enough room in my small veggie patch for the transplant and c) my creative efforts to replicate a trellis from stakes and a sturdy plastic netting. At this point I was doing my happy dance, congratulating myself and having visions of quitting my day job and selling organic produce at a local market!

True to form the seedlings scurried up the trellis and a few weeks later they were reaching the tops of the ~75cm stakes, no doubt helped by a weekly dose of seaweed solution fertiliser.

And then came the realisation: how much taller do these babies grow?

It turns out A LOT taller. Probably close to ~1.5m.

By the time the peas had well outgrown the trellis, they were not only so intricately intertwined, the stems seemed quite delicate and I was too scared to replace the trellis with a taller version. Which brings me to the present situation and the mess you can see here, where the unsupported stems have collapsed on top of the bottom half of the stems


Surprisingly the lack of support doesn’t seem to have impacted the harvest, and I manage to get a good handful of peas 2 to 3 times a week.

You can also see below some other harvests – spring onions and the one strawberry I beat the birds to!

Once the harvest is over I plan to dig the stems back into the soil, my googling tells me this makes for good compost!

Next year I’ll be ready for these super quick growers, and might even stagger the plantings so I can get a continuous cycle during the season. Ambitious much? Probably!


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