Man vs Birds

Every blog needs a first post.

My first post is to say that unfortunately the birds are absolutely smashing me in the strawberry stakes.

Man: 5; Birds: 150*

This strawberry plant was bought as a seedling and has lived in a pot for its life thus far. It is still alive six months later (already exceeding expectations) and I’m hoping a replant to the larger veggie patch (complete with bird netting of course) will mean the little crawlers (technical term) can re-plant themselves. Hello summer strawberry cheesecakes!

I often have no idea what I’m doing when I “garden” (read: dig around in the soil often aimlessly), but herein lies the secret to veggie gardening: plant lots, expect nothing and voila you are already ahead of the curve!

I’ve been planting seeds and seedlings for the past 6 months and just one successful crop makes me forget the broccoli that got eaten by possums, the carrots which looked like gnarled fingers, the corriander which withered from exhaustion and the beetroot seeds which never germinated. Nothing quite beats “shopping” for ingredients in your own backyard.

Peace out,


*unaudited but it sure feels like it.


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